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Ladies and gentlemen, yogis and yoginis!!!

We are delighted to announce the NEW location of Hot Yoga Mix Point Cook studio.

It will be at SOHO VILLAGE the new development on Sneydes Road close to Alamanda Cafe in Point Cook.


opening soon!

Your Local Friendly
HOT Yoga Studio

"calm your mind. heal your body.
soothe your soul. love yourself."

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26/2 HOT Yoga

26 beginner Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises DESIGNED by Bishnu Ghosh to specifically heal the body of common and chronic conditions and connect with mind, body and spirit. Practice in a room heated to approximately 32 degrees.

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26/2 HOT Yoga
(60mins express)

An express version of the 26 beginner Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises.

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Yin Yoga
(60mins with no heat)

Suitable for almost all levels of students, targeting the connective tissues of the hip, pelvis and lower spine. Yin Yoga deliberately targets the deeper connective tissues, most effective when the muscles are relaxed.

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Kids Yoga
(35-50mins/ warm to room temperature)

Suitable for 5-11 years old, although exception can be made (please contact Ice/0451058723). Yoga for kids will enhance physical flexibility, refines balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration, boots self-esteem and confidence, strengthen the mind-body connection. Let's NOT forget A LOT OF FUN!

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